Seeking – a creative type looking for a good time.
Must be passionate, open-minded and know how to handle their equipment.
I am a sweet, blank canvas yearning for your artistic expression - if it suits my taste.
Turn offs: dirty shoes, poor lighting and pushing a ‘pull’ door.


minimum 4 hour booking


1 - 3 hours

Only for those who think iced lattes from Maccas on a Sunday morning during the drive of shame is all that's needed to fill the void.

$100.00 - $180.00

Something Casual

Half day - 4 hour booking

For the fleeting, sometimes-ongoing arrangements. Consider this our ‘Netflix and chill’ option. Let me be clear though, we’re just hanging out, I’m not looking for anything serious right now.


Getting Serious

Full day - 8 hour booking

For those with a view to something more permanent. Consider this our ‘Jim & Pam’ option. A whole day together though? What if we run out of things to talk about?


Moving In

1 week

Only for the one. Consider this our 'Cooking and Cuddling' option. But let's get serious... What colour bed sheets are we getting? We'll go and get that key cut.

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specs & Gear


  • 6m x 9m shooting space
  • 4m W x 2.7m H white cyclorama
  • white textured wall
  • grey textured floor
  • photographic paper backdrops
  • black
  • chroma key green
  • tequila sunrise red


  • natural light
  • controlled light (black out)
  • roller door access
  • climate control
  • changing area
  • wifi
  • wall outlets
  • bathroom access
  • personal equipment area
  • large desk and chairs
  • off street parking


  • gear available upon request